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Graduates from GA Healthcare Training Center share their experiences…

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  1. Mafata komara says:

    My name is Mafata, and I attended the CNA class at the end of February of this year. I was really nervous because I haven’t been in school for over twenty years, but Mrs Yolaine is an amazing instructor and she has a lot of patience. I always recommend people to attend GA Healthcare Training center.

  2. Shyon Hyman says:

    My name is Shyon, I attended Holistic Care Management Solutions [now GA Healthcare Training Center] and was very happy and pleased with the attention and and respect I received while at the School.

    Ms. Yolaine is a very patient and humble teacher. She always ensures everyone understands what is being taught before moving on to another subject.

    She even made the school available for you to do extra studies or to practice your skills even when you don’t have class. The school is always open for its students whenever you need help.

    Ms. Yolaine is the best in her field and a wonderful teacher.

  3. Joyce Costner says:

    My name is Joyce Costner and I attended school @ GA healthcare training. I absolutely loved the atmosphere and teaching I received. I would recommend them to anyone who’s interested in the healthcare field.

  4. Joyce Costner says:

    Yolaine is an excellent teacher!

  5. Jacques says:

    As a Student in Respiratory Therapy, since I never work in the medical field in the past, I wanted to have some knowledge and hands on to further my learning process on the hospital floor. I decided to register at Georgia health care training center for the CNA course. From the beginning to the end the course was exceptional; great teaching, very comprehensible staff and in class atmosphere is super excited. This was one of the best in class experience I will always remember.

  6. Tia Young says:

    My name is Tia Young and I completed my nurse aide training at GA Healthcare Training Center with Ms. Yolaine. Throughout my CNA training with Ms. Yolaine, I was able to learn many skills in a timely manner. Ms. Yolaine made sure that we understood how to properly assist patients with daily tasks and after each class session I certainly knew I was prepared for the CNA state board exam. More importantly, Ms. Yolaine gave students the chance to continuously practice vital signs to be well prepared for the healthcare settings. And I would like to thank Ms. Yolaine and her staff for preparing me for the CNA profession!

  7. Yvette Kirkland says:

    Today is May 2, 2017 and I just completed my Medication Aide Training and CPR with Ms Yolaine. It was time great!
    “While All things in life require a person to “bring” to the table a certain amount of experience/interest….it is especially true for getting an education”
    Georgia Healthcare Training Center is readily available to train anyone who wishes to apply themselves and bring to the table a lot of or as little knowledge as possible. The Healthfield, of course is their expertise. They take the time to explain the procedures and you can take the time to dedicate the study.
    Ms. Yolaine is a very good instructor; so imagine the staff that she have on board to teach as well.
    Try Georgia Healthcare they Care.
    Yvette Kirkland

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